The Edinburgh Fringe Festival Top Tips

Tip if your planning on attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

With thousands of performances in hundreds of venues over a span of 25 days, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a massive arts celebration. Taking it all in is utterly impossible. What is possible is devising a sensible plan that makes it possible for anyone to enjoy the highlights that matter most to them.

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If there is a particular show or performer you’re dying to see, make certain to buy tickets in advance. Actually, it’s possible to buy advance tickets for many events, but it makes sense not to overbook yourself. One of the most wonderful facets of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is its spontaneity. Leave yourself some time to relax and talk to people in pubs. Also, leaving yourself with plenty of free time makes it possible for you to enjoy the impromptu parties and events that seem to spring up out of nowhere without having to worry about sticking to a schedule.

Get your hands on a festival program as soon as you can. Get really familiar with it so you’ll know which performances are must sees and so you’ll be able to locate venues easily. The program is free and you can order it in advance to study before leaving home. Keep it with you throughout the festival to help you plan your days. While you may have a favorite plan for each day, keep several contingency plans in mind as tickets tend to sell out quickly.

Festival fatigue is a common problem in Edinburgh. Fight it by wearing comfortable shoes and clothes. This is not the time to try out sky high heels and miniskirts. Aim for sensible shoes, jeans, T-shirts and perhaps a raincoat. Carry a tote with a water bottle and a few portable snacks. The festival is huge and chaotic, making it easy to lose track of meals and proper hydration.

Those who are attending the festival alone need have no fear of remaining so. The convivial atmosphere and spirit of inclusion quickly make everyone feel at home. You’ll meet a few lifelong friends in addition to some temporary drinking buddies. However, the festival is also welcoming to whole families. Check out the program to discover a multitude of performances geared specifically toward children.

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Attending the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is an unforgettable experience. By making some plans, we recommend the Ibis Hotels in Edinburgh, but also leaving yourself open to going with the flow, you’ll get the most out of your time there.

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  1. Agness December 12, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    I’ve never heard of Edinburgh Fringe Festival before, but it does sound and look interesting to me!

    • Jay@TravelIdeaz December 12, 2013 at 8:45 am #

      Me too. I might have to do some more research on this one. I really love these kinds of festivals, it’s a great way to learn the culture of the place.