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Top 5 Places To Cycle In Amsterdam

There are nearly as many bikes in Amsterdam as there are people – so there’s little excuse for not taking to two wheels to explore the city on a holiday here. Take a look at our guide to find out exactly where you should go on your bike. Vondelpark This is among the most popular [...]

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Impressions Of Sri Lanka – What You Need To Know!

After spending three weeks in Sri Lanka, we left the country with many new impressions and experiences. Sri Lanka had given us so many contrasting experiences, and the charismatic people we had met along the way had given us different insights into the country and its people. It was interesting to see how this country [...]

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Places To Visit In Sri Lanka – Exploring The Hill Country

Sri Lanka’s hill country is unbelievably beautiful, with lush green forest, abundant wild life, tea plantations and countless waterfalls. Exploring the hill country of Sri Lanka is a must when visiting the country, and here are some of the best places to start with… Kandy – Gateway To The Hill-Country Kandy is the cultural and [...]

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Theva Residency – Perfection In Kandy, Sri Lanka

Theva Residency – A Haven In Kandy! As the bright red three-wheeler slowly made its way up the steep hill, we left the noisy, bustling city of Kandy behind to stay at Theva Residency - a boutique hotel catering for people looking for pure relaxation and an amazing view. We were exhausted after climbing Adam’s Peak the [...]

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Places To Visit In Sri Lanka – Exploring The Coast

Places To Visit In Sri Lanka – Exploring The Coast Sri Lanka’s coast line is among some of the most beautiful we’ve seen, and we really wish we could have stayed there much longer – there are many amazing beaches south of Colombo – with spice gardens and turtle sanctuaries to visit along the way. [...]

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How A Tsunami Evacuation Connected Us With The Locals

We had just arrived in the sleepy beach town of Hikkaduwa in Sri Lanka, and crashed on the bed exhausted after a long day of traveling from Colombo &  taking one of the many cheap international flights from Germany. “Are you shaking the bed?” Nathan suddenly asked me- I wasn’t, but I could feel the whole ground [...]

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4 Reasons China Is On My Travel Wish List

China is a huge country with never-ending possibilities, sights and attractions – what fascinates me about this place is the diversity and mixture of old and new, past and future – and how they all seem to blend in with each other and be a part of everyday life of the people. There are so [...]

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Why People Visit Thailand Again & Again

Only a year has passed since we last visited Thailand, and in a few weeks we’re already going back for more - Thailand is a country that people either love or hate, and regardless of which, nobody leaves without an opinion. Many of the people I know have either never gone on holidays to Thailand, or they [...]

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Delicious Must-Try Drinks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country famous for its spicy food and varied cuisine, and while you could write a whole book about the food in Sri Lanka, we shouldn’t forget the drinks in Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for those looking for cheap holidays, and since food and drinks in Sri Lanka cost [...]

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Our Travel Plans For The Next 6 Months

Well, what can I say other than that this year’s travel plans didn’t really turn out at all as planned. Just a month ago I was expecting a whole different turn to the year, but as everything in life, things always change – so I guess we will see how close to these plans we [...]

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