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Exploring The Best Of Britain

With London being the focus of the world for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II, many tourists may be considering a trip to the British Isles – this coupled with the Olympic Games being held in London this summer, tourists are bound to be flocking to the ‘Big Smoke’. Whilst London has a […]

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Introducing Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca is a great place to visit in Spain – for those who are learning or want to learn Spanish, Spain is the natural choice, whether just for a visit or to live, but instead of opting for the typical cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, why not go to a city like Salamanca? There you […]

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Things To Do In Shanghai China

Shanghai is known to be the most prosperous city in China since 1930 and continues to be so, it is the major financial hub and also the world’s largest container harbor. Today it is a prominent global city which has completely transformed into an ultra modern city with huge skyscrapers and world of art technology. The well […]

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Bangalore – The Garden City of India

Bangalore is a beautiful city alternatively referred to as “The Garden City of India” – the city will surprise its visitors with the greenery, well maintained gardens and parks with a huge variety of trees and flowering plants. Garden City of India – Bangalore is a major attraction for music lovers who have an interest in […]

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The Nest Guesthouse In Kuala Lumpur (REVIEW)

Centrally located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, you’ll find The Nest Guesthouse, one of the top rated B&B’s in the city. The reason why people like this place so much, is simple: the owners have truly understood what it takes to make their guests feel comfortable and enjoy their stay. “One of the most […]

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Stag Weekend Destinations In Europe

Stag Weekend Destinations In Europe Throwing a bachelor party for your friend’s last days of “freedom” is a long tradition dating back to the 5th century B.C, but the ways to celebrate it has changed slightly over the centuries. Today, it has become ever more popular to have a stag weekend abroad, and in Europe […]

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Things You Might Not Know About Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is probably one of the most famous mountains in the world – it’s the highest walkable peak anywhere on the planet and thousands of people head here each year to climb it. That’s all well and good, but if you’ll be climbing Kilimanjaro as part of your gap year, you should know a […]

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Staying With Roomorama In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Admiring the most iconic building in Kuala Lumpur – the Petronas Towers, while at the same time floating on your back in an infinity pool, just doesn’t make any sense – it simply would be too good to be true. Or, so we thought… While searching for an apartment in Kuala Lumpur on, we managed […]

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Top 5 Places To Cycle In Amsterdam

There are nearly as many bikes in Amsterdam as there are people – so there’s little excuse for not taking to two wheels to explore the city on a holiday here. Take a look at our guide to find out exactly where you should go on your bike. Vondelpark This is among the most popular […]

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Impressions Of Sri Lanka – What You Need To Know!

After spending three weeks in Sri Lanka, we left the country with many new impressions and experiences. Sri Lanka had given us so many contrasting experiences, and the charismatic people we had met along the way had given us different insights into the country and its people. It was interesting to see how this country […]

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