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Matchbox Concept Hostel In Singapore (Review)

Dorms are not exactly known to give you much privacy – you sleep together with a bunch of strangers in squeaky bunk beds while someone else’s sweaty feet climb the little ladder on the side of the bed next to your face, and wherever you look you’re facing someone else in a bed in front […]

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5 Popular Countries To Live Abroad

Today the world is so much more accessible than ever before and you will find an increasing number of people seizing the opportunity to move abroad and discover a new lifestyle – here are some popular Countries To Live Abroad… Countries To Live Abroad Australia From surf and sun to exotic wildlife and amazing nature, the reasons […]

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Going Retro In America (Things To Do)

While you can’t really travel back in time, there is nothing stopping you from pretending that you are, and in America, getting a taste of the old days is actually easier than you think. These days, retro is “in”, and cafes, shops and cinemas are popping up all over the world – here are a […]

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Off-Season In South East Asia – Is It Worth It?

This is our first time in Southeast Asia during the off season – we discussed many the many pros and cons before finally deciding to go – one of the cons involved was the weather – what would Southeast Asia be like during the off season? Last time we traveled to a hot country during […]

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Top 4 Ancient Tours On My Bucket List

If, like me, you feel that your backpacking days are over but there are still loads of places in the world that you want to explore, taking a tour holiday with the likes of Titan Travel can be a fantastic option. Having your travel, accommodation and schedule taken care of reduces the stress of a […]

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Top Things To Do In Madrid, Spain

Things To Do In Madrid, Spain – Madrid is a vibrant city with huge contrasts and diversity; 17th century buildings line up along cobble stoned lanes, next to sky scrapers and wide shopping boulevards, the bullfight traditions live on together with gay pride festivals. The list of things to do in Madrid is endless, but we’ll […]

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Barcelona vs. Madrid – Which Do You Prefer?

There has been a long standing rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid, not only between locals but also between loyal visitors who all praise that their favorite is better than the other for one reason or another. So let’s stir it up a bit and compare the cities with this cool infographic from HostelBookers 😛 – […]

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Exploring The Best Of Britain

With London being the focus of the world for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II, many tourists may be considering a trip to the British Isles – this coupled with the Olympic Games being held in London this summer, tourists are bound to be flocking to the ‘Big Smoke’. Whilst London has a […]

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Introducing Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca is a great place to visit in Spain – for those who are learning or want to learn Spanish, Spain is the natural choice, whether just for a visit or to live, but instead of opting for the typical cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, why not go to a city like Salamanca? There you […]

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Things To Do In Shanghai China

Shanghai is known to be the most prosperous city in China since 1930 and continues to be so, it is the major financial hub and also the world’s largest container harbor. Today it is a prominent global city which has completely transformed into an ultra modern city with huge skyscrapers and world of art technology. The well […]

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