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Rocky Mountain National Park

5 National Parks in the USA That Should Be On Your Travel List

America’s National Parks are filled with natural treasures that deserve appreciation. United States currently has a total of 59 National Parks, each very unique and magnificent, offering its own special gifts to visitors from all over the world. National Parks are found in almost every corner of the United States. They offer camping, hiking, education […]

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European Cruise to Barcelona

Six of the best places to visit when on a European cruise

The open fjords, the lava caves and the breath taking and continental cities of Europe make it a top destination for cruises. Europe’s collection of countries differ greatly, not just in terms of language, but landscape too. If you’re on a European cruise, there are some must-see destinations, which demonstrate the diversity of this small […]

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music festivals of Bangalore Storm Festival Bangalore India

5 Must Visit Music Festivals of Bangalore

Music Festivals of Bangalore – If you are a sucker for travel and music, just like me, then India won’t disappoint you. Amidst the two extremes of chaos and languidness, lies a constantly reverberating music scene. Music in India is an orchestra of different genres, beats, and tunes. During my tour, I found musical groups […]

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Alaska Overlooked destinations in America

7 Overlooked destinations in America for discovery and adventure

In its wonderfully diverse landscape, America is pretty much unrivalled. There are few other countries in which you can see mountains, deserts, turquoise beaches, lush forests, glaciers and still be close to civilisation and a thriving cultural scene. Home to several National Parks, from the deserts of Nevada to the lush volcanic Yellowstone, and from […]

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History of Bull Running in Spain

How to Survive the Pamplona Running with the Bulls In Spain

A holiday in Spain in July is always a good way of guaranteeing sunshine, but why not make it a little different this year and visit Pamplona during the Bull Run while you’re there as well. The running of the bulls is an iconic event and the town fills up fast. You can book it […]

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Antarctica Cruise Tips

6 Quick Antarctica Cruise Tips

There are your typical cruises, and then there are adventures. Antarctica cruises definitely fall into the second category. So what’s the difference between an Antarctic adventure and your everyday cruise sailings? Well, if you’re in the mood for overcrowded tourist towns that are barely distinguishable from each other no matter what country you’re in then […]

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