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Belize Beach and Belize Jungle Resorts

Best Belize Beach and Belize Jungle Resorts

Belize is a refreshing and diverse destination where the people are friendly and the landscapes are breathtaking, and is one of our places to visit before it’s too late. It’s a fantastic place for enjoying the beach and the jungle. In fact, one of the major decisions facing anyone who wants to visit is whether […]

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Costa Rica Vacation Packages - Costa Rica Arenal Volcano

Best Costa Rica Vacation Packages to Enjoy

Ideal vacations can easily turn into nightmares sometimes and can get frustrating for the tourist who may not find suitable accommodation or has no idea about accessibility to travel attractions. This article provides you information about some things to expect from Costa Rica vacation packages that will allow you to enjoy your trip without hassle, […]

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Costa Rica Surfing

Costa Rica Surfing: 9 Reasons You Should Spend Weekend

Costa Rica Surfing Finally, its weekend! It may be that millions of hang out places are running in your mind.  But have you finalized the decision on where you should head to? If no, then choose Costa Rica as one of the most exhilarating places to enjoy the day off with friends. Are you wondering […]

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Top Countries to Visit 2014 – Brazil

Top Countries to Visit 2014 – Brazil

Top Countries to Visit 2014 – Brazil Our second post of this series of top countries to visit 2014- Brazil is a country filled with remarkable culture, activities and experiences. From enormous festivals to natural wonders like Iguazu Falls, there is something here to tempt the most seasoned travelers. With its long history, Brazil is a […]

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Costa Rica Attractions

The Most Memorable Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions Costa Rica attractions is by far my favorite vacation destination. The beaches in Santa Rosa National Park are second-to-none for beauty and seclusion. I spent a memorable day there just savoring the sounds of nature and soaking up the glorious rays of the sun. When it got warm, I simply took a […]

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Escape Winter in Roatan, Honduras

Escape Winter – Top Beaches in Central America

Travelers from all over the world plan beach get-a-ways to relax and soak up the sun, especially during cold winter months to Escape Winter. If a tropical vacation is what you love, then check out beaches in top Central American countries such as Honduras, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Belize and Panama. With a variety of water […]

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Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Peaceful Lifestyle, Sand, Surf and Rainforests

Costa Rica’s has been a top travel destination for many years.  Peaceful lifestyle, friendly culture, magnificent beaches and extraordinary natural beauty make it a top choice to get away. This tiny country is well known for it’s delicious coffee, environmental consciousness, “pura vida” lifestyle and world class surf spots. Once you visit Costa Rica, you’ll […]

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3 Can't Miss Wine Regions in South America

3 Can’t Miss Wine Regions in South America

South American wines are known for being food-friendly, reasonably priced, and very drinkable. Many South American countries have produced wines historically, and over the past few decades, the quality and distinctive character of these wines have increased significantly. Serious oenophiles and indiscriminate guzzlers alike should be sure to visit these fabulous wine regions in South […]

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death road in bolivia

Biking The Death Road In Bolivia!

What’s it like to ride the world’s most dangerous road? Backpacking is about many things. Culture. People. Exotic new foods. Getting lost in an arid scrubland surrounded by ravenous wild beasts. It’s all part of the experience. Adventure is pretty high up the list as well. And travel doesn’t get more adventurous than the possibility of a moderately […]

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Brazil’s Eco-Tourism Trail – Where To Stay

Not so long ago, if you’d mentioned the words ‘eco-tourism’, most people wouldn’t have known what you were talking about. Now however, eco-tourism is the latest buzz word, with more and more travellers choosing to go green. With the multitude of luscious locations in Brazil, it’s hardly surprising that eco-tourists are heading there in droves. Below […]

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