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Exploring The Beauty of Turkey Beaches and Amazing Sights

We had heard many wonderful things about Turkey – its beautiful beaches, amazing Turkey sights and friendly people – however, only after experiencing a holiday there, did we realize why people keep returning – year after year. We had made a choice between several cheap international flights and finally decided on one going to Bodrum […]

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Tea In Berlin – The Tajikistani Way

Tucked away on the second floor of a theater building in the center of Berlin, the Tajikiztan tea room is well hidden for those who are not looking for it. Even if you do have a rough idea of where it is chances are you still won’t find it. Last summer we spent a good […]

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History & Nature In Stirling & Loch Lomond, Scotland [VIDEO]

When Rabbie’s Tours offered to take us around Scotland for a few days we thought a 1 day tour to Stirling and Loch Lomond would be perfect. The first stop was Stirling Castle, one of the most important castles in Scottish history. You could actually visit the chamber and dining halls of the Royal family who used to live there. […]

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Adventures In Fort William, Scotland [VIDEO]

We stayed in Fort William, known as the gateway to the Highlands and the adventure capital of UK. Sitting at the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in UK, and at the head of Loch Linnhe, a sea loch, the beauty surrounding this town is unmistakable. When asking the locals in Edinburgh what their […]

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How To Time Travel In Europe

Out of all the trips in the world, I personally think a trip back in time would be the most amazing of all – today we can travel almost anywhere, even into space, but can we travel back in time? Well, perhaps not the way that we ultimately would like to – but there are a few […]

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Berlin – A Mixture Of Ugly, Pretty & Everything In Between

(Our trip to Berlin was in part sponsored by the VisitBerlin tourism board.) Berlin is the city everyone is talking about, and has grown in popularity to become the third most visited city in Europe. My friends keep returning over and over, and when I ask what they love so much about Berlin that makes them return […]

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Exploring Edinburgh, Scotland [VIDEO]

Edinburgh is often referred to as the most haunted city in Europe, perhaps because around every corner there is a story to tell. I don’t think I have ever learned so much about a city’s history through stories and tales as I have of Edinburgh. And the fact that the city has preserved so much […]

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Visiting The Eiffel Tower In Paris

The Eiffel Tower is the tallest building in Paris (standing at 324 metres, roughly about the same height as an 81-storey building) and the most-visited paid monument in the world; with millions of visitors year round. Nicknamed La dame de fer or “the iron lady”, the tower is a puddle iron lattice tower located on the […]

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4 Yummy German Christmas Treats!

(Our trip to Berlin was in part sponsored by the VisitBerlin tourism board) One of the best things to do in Berlin is to walk – aimlessly stroll around without really knowing where you are or where you’re going – that way you get your own impressions of Berlin, and find your own favorite places and interesting […]

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Best Christmas Markets To Visit In Berlin

(Our trip to Berlin was in part sponsored by the VisitBerlin tourism board) Berlin has over 50 different Christmas markets spread around the city, and just like the city itself, there are different markets for different tastes – and you can always find something for everyone. Visiting a Christmas market in Berlin is the perfect way to […]

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