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3 Best Cities In Asia For Shopaholics

While I have seriously cut down on all kinds of shopping since I started traveling so much, I have found it very difficult to resist spending all of my money on clothes and shoes while in Asia – the shopping malls and prices in Europe simply can’t compare to those in Asia. The only thing that has […]

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How To Enjoy Thailand Without Visiting The Beach

When you think of Thailand, I bet one of the first things that come to your mind are long, white sandy beaches and those beautiful long-tail boats with colorful cloths tied to the front. You would be forgiven to think that life is a beach in Thailand, but there is so much more to the […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – Confusing Gestures In Laos

This lady sitting in her bamboo hut in Laos waved to us to come closer. The way they wave in Laos is the complete opposite from in Europe, so at first we thought she was waving for us to go away, which was confusing because she had the biggest smile in her face. It turned out […]

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Best Places To Visit In Bali Indonesia

Despite being such a small island, Bali is packed with so many beautiful areas and awesome experiences – and it’s one of my favorite places to visit in the world. What I love the most about Bali is how much cultural heritage they have, their colorful traditions and celebrations that seem to happen pretty much every day. I’m not lying, […]

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Weekly Travel Photo – Amazing Long Tail Boats In Thailand

 When a new boat gets launched into the river or ocean in western countries we have a ceremony of breaking a champagne bottle. In Thailand they tie colorful cloth instead. At the beginning of each season the long-tail boat owners bring colorful cloths to tie to the front of the boat for good luck and ask […]

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Life’s A Beach In Phuket

Although we had heard mixed reviews about Phuket Island, my sister and I decided that the luscious looking beaches far outweighed the horror stories of Ping-Pong shows and the somewhat seedier side of the place. In hindsight i’m so glad that photos of the beautiful shore made such an impression, as we had an absolutely […]

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What I Will And Won’t Miss From South East Asia

Spending 4 months in South East Asia was perfect. We had planned to visit Philippines, Borneo and Vietnam, but when The Europe Train Challenge became a reality, we had to postpone those plans for another time and focus on the challenge ahead of us. Leaving South East Asia, there are some things that I know […]

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5 Things I’ve Learnt From Malaysian People While in Malaysia

This was our second visit to Malaysia, and it was a lot of fun returning to a place two years later to see if our impressions were different this time around. It became clear to me that many of my past experiences from the country had more to do with myself than anything else. Last […]

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Nyonya Kuih In Palm Sugar Sauce

Penang Food – The Must Treats!

Penang Food –  Penang is famous for many things, but the reason we wanted to go there was simple: the Penang Food was supposedly amazing. When we heard this we were sold, and left Thailand to indulge in Indian curries for one fifth of the price in Penang. What makes Penang a food heaven are […]

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Kanom Thom Khaow

Your Guide To Yummy Desserts In Thailand

I have a serious sweet tooth, one which needs to be satisfied every day. Food is ok, but desserts are to-live-for! If I could choose, I would have dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner :p So, wherever I travel, I make sure to try out at least a few desserts while I’m in each country, […]

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