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music festivals of Bangalore Storm Festival Bangalore India

5 Must Visit Music Festivals of Bangalore

Music Festivals of Bangalore – If you are a sucker for travel and music, just like me, then India won’t disappoint you. Amidst the two extremes of chaos and languidness, lies a constantly reverberating music scene. Music in India is an orchestra of different genres, beats, and tunes. During my tour, I found musical groups […]

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Sri Lanka Asian Escapes to Sample

6 Asian Escapes to Sample in 2016

The largest continent in the world boasts of limitless number of wonderful travel destinations and it is almost impossible for a single individual to sample all the amazing travel experiences that the continent of Asia has in store. So, you have to make choices and try the most popular ones first. If you are interested […]

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Visit Hong Kong

10 Reasons to Visit Hong Kong NOW

If you’ve never visit Hong Kong now’s the time to do it: this breathtaking, busy and brilliant city is guaranteed to give you the trip of a lifetime! With its Chinese roots, history as a British colony and subsequent return as a Special Administration Region of China, you’ll find that Hong Kong isn’t really like any […]

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Best Cities In Asia For Shopping

Best Cities In Asia For Shopping and Shopaholics

While I have seriously cut down on all kinds of shopping since I started traveling so much, I have found it very difficult to resist spending all of my money on clothes and shoes while in Asia – the shopping malls and prices in Europe simply can’t compare to those in Asia. The only thing that has […]

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Climbing of Mount Fuji Japan

Unconventional Climbing Mount Fuji Japan

Most people climb Mount Fuji from the “5th Station” which is located about 2300m in altitude. However, every year a very small percentage of the 300,000 annual Fuji hikers decide that they must hike all of the mountain and start from 0m in elevation at the ocean. I had never heard of this route, nor […]

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Shanghai China

Things To Do In Shanghai China

Shanghai China is known to be the most prosperous city in China since 1930 and continues to be so, it is the major financial hub and also the world’s largest container harbor. Today it is a prominent global city which has completely transformed into an ultra modern city with huge skyscrapers and world of art technology. The […]

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