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Unheard of Islands in Europe Mljet Croatia

Top 9 Unheard of Islands in Europe

When people think of Europe, they tend to think of the countries on the continent. Yet Europe has many islands. In fact, there are over 300 islands off the coasts of European countries. These 300 islands vary in size between 19 and 88,745 square miles, and there are hundreds of smaller pieces of land surrounded […]

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Cape Town South Africa Food & Entertainment

What To Do In Cape Town South Africa A Mini Guide

Like a painting on canvas, Cape Town South Africa, nestled under the shades of the austere and grandiose Table Mountain, appears like a harmony of textures and colors. It is an amazing sight to see cable cars ascending from the mountain’s flat top, which is an ideal location to view the city and its busy […]

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Scenic Drives in the UK Cornwall

The Best Scenic Drives in the UK

It’s no secret that the UK has some of the most beautiful landscape, and together with its long history and charming culture it’s an amazing  country to explore. The best way to make the most of your time is to explore the country by car, as you simply can’t reach and experience many of the best […]

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Lost In A Misty San Marino Micro State

Lost In A Misty San Marino Micro State

Get some useful information about San Marino here to make your trip more enjoyable. The world is full of exotic locations that stir your imagination – countries that speak languages you’ve never heard of before, food you could never have imagined yourself, and traditions that show you how diverse people really are. There are big […]

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Shanghai China

Things To Do In Shanghai China

Shanghai China is known to be the most prosperous city in China since 1930 and continues to be so, it is the major financial hub and also the world’s largest container harbor. Today it is a prominent global city which has completely transformed into an ultra modern city with huge skyscrapers and world of art technology. The […]

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Australian Water Parks

6 Top Australian Water Parks For the Best Thrills

Since its introduction in the late ‘40s and early ‘50s, the popularity of water parks has grown enormously. This type of amusement park focuses on the different ways of utilizing water to bring fun and entertainment for the whole family, especially the young ones. Its main features in the water play areas are lazy rivers; […]

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Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Traditions & Activities For the Entire Family

When any country commemorates its independence, you can be sure of extravagant celebrations and festivities. However, for the United States of America, the fourth of July is a truly momentous occasion, with millions of citizens up and down the country taking to the streets to display their undivided patriotism. Even so, there are still plenty […]

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Exploring Turkey

Exploring Turkey The Different Sides

Turkey has many associations, all different depending on who you ask. Some think of crazy partying and beach life, others think of ancient theaters and exotic belly dancers. I have visited Turkey several times, and it offers so much for many types of people, from newly-weds looking for romantic honeymoons – to the crazy adventurer, and […]

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Screen shot 2011-12-03 at 10.01.43 PM

Tallinn Estonia the Capital City of Estonia

Founded in the 12th century, Tallinn with its ancient city walls, high church spires and red roof tops it was an irresistible sight. Walking around on the cobble stoned streets and alleyways lined with medieval houses in mixes of German, Russian, Swedish and Danish architecture, you feel as though you have stepped back in time. To add to the […]

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Unsual Hotels Around the World - Dog Bark Park Inn

5 Most Unusual Hotels Around The World

It’s common for travelers to make the practical option of staying in an inexpensive hotel or hostel. After all, in most cases you really just need a safe, comfortable place to sleep in at the end of a busy day that’s spent sightseeing and other outdoor activities. However, some tourists do prefer to extend their […]

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