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Infographic 10 Things About Barcelona

INFOGRAPHIC 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain is a fabulous destination for the tourist seeking a cosmopolitan experience. Its long history united with the many diverse cultures that shaped its growth make it a fascinating place to explore. Wandering through its ancient, winding streets, it’s easy to speculate that perhaps mythical Hercules really did found the city. Kudos to him if [...]

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Las Ramblas Barcelona

Barcelona – 6 Tips for a Non-Guidebook Experience as a Local

Las Ramblas, the Nou Camp, the Sagrada Familia… absolute classics in Barcelona, of course, but how many times can you really do them? There comes a time when you just can’t face being hurled and jostled amongst crowds of tourists anymore and when you seek something different, something fresh, something that other camera-clad-Joes don’t know [...]

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Holidaying in Devon

Holidaying in Devon Captures Hearts of Singles, Couples and Families

Holidaying in Devon - It’s time for a well-needed vacation, a real holiday. If you’re looking for a break from it all and hoping to keep your wallet intact, then a trip to Devon should be on your itinerary. It’s the place to go whether you’re on your own, with your significant other or with kids [...]

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Which are the top 10 best luxury safari camps in Africa – this is of course debate-able as its not always the most expensive which are the best, this all depends on what exactly you want from your safari. Nevertheless here is a list of Africa’s top ten most famous and unique Luxury camps, well [...]

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TOP LUXURY SAFARI WILDLIFE ENCOUNTER Luxury Safari Wildlife: Luxury safaris in Africa are usually mostly about wildlife – this is unsurprising considering the extraordinary wildlife sights you can see while there. Often it is people’s desire to get a bit closer and really experience the feeling of being close to nature. This can happen in several [...]

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Golden Gate Park Carousel

5 Must-See Attractions at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park

If you’re wondering what to do in San Francisco, start with Golden Gate Park. This enormous, beautiful green oasis in the middle of the city is stuffed with fun attractions and activities. It wasn’t easy to choose only a handful, but here are five that you just can’t miss.  1.) Take a ride on the [...]

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Francesca Baker

Day in Rhodes

Day in Rhodes You know the moment on holiday when you imagine what life would be like if you were always on holiday? If you could just up and leave and live a sun-kissed delight every day? On a recent holiday to the large Greek island of Rhodes, the moment came to discuss this very subject [...]

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Family Travel To Dubai

Family Travel To Dubai Luxury holidays are a wonderful opportunity for you to reconnect with the most important people in your life. For a truly special getaway, you want a spot with gorgeous weather, plenty to do and a wealth of world class resort options. That’s why family travel to Dubai is the ideal destination [...]

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Thailand Luxury Trip

Amazing Thailand Luxury Trip

By Oliver Todd Thailand Luxury Trip Thailand Luxury Trip travel agents Kenwood Travel have over 35 years of experience in tailor-making amazing holidays bespoke to their customers’ needs. Central to this service is their ability to provide first-hand knowledge of the destinations they serve. Last year the Kenwood team traveled far and wide visiting the [...]

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Mediterranean Malta

Mediterranean Holiday Highlights: Malta

Mediterranean holiday highlights: Malta For a Mediterranean break away from the hurly-burly of modern life, a holiday in one of the Maltese Islands is a great choice. Lying in the middle of the Med with Sicily to the north and Tunisia to the south, these small but picturesque islands enjoy a warm but fresh climate [...]

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