CityHub Amsterdam – Changing Budget Accommodation!

We are always on the look-out for new ideas and concepts in the travel industry, and when we found out about CityHub Amsterdam we knew straight away that this was something out of the ordinary, and something we had to experience. During the past few years, the way people travel has changed drastically. Not only are we completely intertwined with technology, but we are getting pickier, and our needs are more and more difficult to satisfy.

Today, a stinky crammed dorm bed is not enough – we want comfort, wifi, good locations, privacy and social interactions – and all of it for budget prices.

Out of all these variables, CityHub has come up with a fun, urban alternative to your ordinary hotel, combining the social vibe and technology, with privacy and comfort, and a revolutionary room idea to save space and keep the prices low.

CityHub Amsterdam

The rooms, or “hubs”, are private sleeping units in something that looks like a futuristic “box”. Each hub features a large comfortable double bed, a makeup mirror and table, bench, mood lights around the bed, and built-in speakers installed in each hub which you can connect to your iPhone. Downstairs is a hang-out lounge where you can meet other travelers or watch the live-feed on CityHub’s facebook page (which in the future will be a way for guests to get tips  from the hosts while out exploring the city) to get tips and updates of what’s happening in Amsterdam.

The location is fantastic, right next to Vondelpark (one of our favorite places in the city) and surrounded by lots of shops and cafes. Sem, one of the founders and the host of the week, is a great guy, very friendly and social and we liked how he really spent time with the guests, making everyone feel welcome and at home.

The hotel is just in beta mode, and has only been open to guests for a couple of weeks, but is already fully booked for the next few months – which tells you that this is the type of hotel people have been waiting for.

The idea is to become an interactive hotel, both online as well as at the hotel itself, and the owners have a lot of ideas on where and how to take it all to the next level. We’re excited to see what CityHub will turn into in the next couple of months, and definitely recommend that you check it out next time you’re in Amsterdam!

CityHub – Overview:

Price: from €39 per hub, each hub fits two people (right now you can only book via airbnb, but in the future it will be possible to book via their website)

Staying Like A Local In Amsterdam

Recently Wimdu invited us to stay at one of the apartments listed on their site while in Amsterdam – which turned out to be a great alternative to the many overpriced and lousy hotels that are scattered over the city. While searching the website we found an amazing apartment in Amsterdam close to Westerpark, an area we had yet to explore, and one that many tourists miss out on. The pictures on Wimdu looked really nice, and with 90 square meters and amenities like a jacuzzi, dining room and a beautiful balcony, the apartment offered more than we needed!

Staying Like A Local In Amsterdam

Staying Like A Local In Amsterdam

Just as arranged on Wimdu, the host welcomed us into his apartment, which was located in a really nice neighborhood with views over a canal, and just a quick walk to many of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Westerpark was packed with people enjoying the warmest days of summer, the beautiful Jordaan area was just minutes away, and there were some really nice local bars and cafes around the area.

From contacting the host, to booking the apartment and actually meeting our host in person, everything went very smoothly with Wimdu. If this huge apartment was an actual hotel suite, the price would have been way above a normal travelers budget – so it’s pretty amazing how much more you get for your money, and the possibility to cook your own food definitely brings down the costs.

In case you didn’t know – Wimdu is a booking site where people rent out their spaces (whether it’s an apartment, room, house etc) to travelers visiting their town. Some people only rent out a room in their home, others entire houses and apartments, and the result is a more local stay and higher quality of accommodation for a lower price than normal hotels – you contact the host through Wimdu and book your stay through the website. Once you have booked your stay you get all the information you need about the exact location, the key-handover and other important things you need to know – our experience was great, so we would definitely recommend using them for your next holiday!

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