Cheapest Days To Fly – How To Find Them

Cheapest days to fly – so you want to learn which the cheapest days to fly are? For those who are new this, I’ll just clarify, yes, the price of your ticket has a lot to do with which day you fly. People complain about how expensive traveling has become and how the airfare prices are always so outrageous – but to be honest I couldn’t disagree more. cheapest days to fly I can, however, understand why it comes across that way for many people trying to book a cheap flight.

The truth is that the airfares have never been as cheap as they are these days, but they have also never been this expensive either.

Cheapest Days To Fly

Unfortunately many people only see the second truth, if only they knew where and more importantly WHEN you look – they would be able to find so many great deals on the cheapest days to fly.

One of these factors is simply WHEN you book your flights.

People are often tricked into buying expensive tickets, thinking that there are no other options – while cheap holiday deals sit right around the corner.

To get those cheap deal there is one main rule to follow: Flexibility.

The truth is that airfares to the same destination can vary hundreds of dollars in price, all depending on when you travel. It’s simply cheaper to fly on some days than others.

Unfortunately, the cheapest days to fly is when most people can’t do it. Lowering the prices is a way for the airlines to fill their seats on these days.

Holidays are especially expensive times for you to travel, as that’s the time when everyone wants to travel, but as soon as the holidays are over the prices drop again.

We all know that it’s far cheaper to travel on off seasons, but the prices also vary week by week and even day by day.

Cheapest Days To Fly

The cheapest days to fly are weekdays, preferably on odd times. According to studies, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays are the cheapest days of the week to travel.

For domestic travels Wednesday is especially cheap.

More people tend to fly on a Friday and Sunday (weekend trips) thinking these are the Cheapest Days To Fly, which therefore tend not to be the cheapest days to fly.

Everyone wants to come home on a Sunday, and to get anything out of their trip at all they fly on a Friday.

Most people going away for weekend trips go from Thursday or Friday to Sunday. Both those days are also not the cheapest days to fly.

If you want a weekend trip somewhere, try to travel Saturday to Monday or Tuesday. This can save you a considerable amount of money.

The cheapest time to travel is usually the first flight in the morning, around 6 am, and also in the evening (except for on weekends).

Not only traveling on certain days of the week control the prices, but also which days you book your trip.

Tuesday is the best day to look for a great bargain online.

If you look for a cheap flight in the end of the week (Thursday to Sunday) they’re usually more expensive, so keep your head cool and wait until next Tuesday before buying any tickets.

So there you go, now you know which are the cheapest days to fly, happy travels!

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