Can You Travel And Still Be Sexy?

Muddy hiking boots, cargo pants, dirty week-old clothes, and a back drenched in sweat from the warm backpack you’ve been carrying for the last few hours… it doesn’t really sound like the sexiest look ever, does it?

Backpacking is far from the romantic idyllic pictures you see in travel advertisements where everyone always wear white perfectly ironed linen pants in the middle of the jungle. No, the reality looks a lot different. But does this mean that we all just have to put our need to look good aside for the moment? Or, is it possible to travel and still be sexy – do we have to choose between comfort and looks? When I look for travel clothing online and in shops it sure seems that way, and I’m still amazed that the designers in the travel clothing industry don’t try harder. They know that the majority of backpackers and adventurers usually are under 45 years old, so why not design something for us too?!  One dress that I find works great for travelers is the Le Sac dress by American Apparel, which can be worn in several different ways to create different styles.

I also found a (lightweight) dress from GoLite that can be worn inside out and offers a different color, so you basically have two dresses. I’m curious to know what you do to make yourself feel sexier when traveling. Do you avoid the cargo pants altogether, or do you make them work and actually look good? Travel Underwear ~ The Sexy Pair

What effort do you put into making yourself look good? For me, the details make all the difference. I think that you can definitely wear some shaggy clothes and still manage to pull it off, if you put some effort into details. Ok, maybe not the whole kit, but you can get away with quite a bit. I make sure to always bring long dangling earrings, and a bit of make up, which can help make the outfit look more complete. I also try to pack clothes that can work for as many occasions as possible. I want them to work for a dressed up look, as well as a casual outfit.

11 Sexy Suitcase Essentials for Every Trip

It’s no secret, every woman wants to look sexy but when it comes to travel, most women pack with only two questions in mind:

  • Is it comfortable? Do I really want to bring my favorite shoes that cause severe pain after five minutes? Is that new wool sweater going to itch and make me sweat? Are those extra tight skinny jeans going to cut off circulation to my feet during the flight?
  • Is it practical? Do I really need to bring a separate luggage for my toiletries? Are 10 pairs of shoes too much? Is jewelry appropriate in a third world country?

The one question that NEVER gets asked is… Is this going to make me look jaw-droppingly SEXY? As an avid traveler, I’ve learned that women don’t have to compromise comfort and practicality for sexiness.

Here are my 11 sexy suitcase essentials for every trip…

1. A scarf (or sarong) is sexy, functional, and a must-have in every suitcase. These chic pieces of  fabric can warm you up, cool you down (if dampened), block the sun, be used as a towel, and worn as several outfits.

I never leave home without it.

2.  A little black jersey dress is perfect for day or night and is stretchy, comfortable, and wrinkle free. For day, wear neutral make up with sandals and a scarf. For night, wear darker makeup, jewelry and heels.

3.  Leather sandals with arch and ankle support. Swap those rubber flip-flops for a cute and comfortable pair of leather sandals to wear day or night.

Arch and ankle support is necessary for sight-seeing and long walks, yet the leather gives your feet a splash of chic.

4.  Lingerie makes every woman feel sexy whether she’s traveling solo or not.

It’ll give you an extra spark of confidence to explore a new city or strike up a conversation. And the best part, a sexy matching bra and panty are lightweight, compact, and fits easily in a suitcase.

5.  A pair of large sunglasses to reduce sun and wind exposure and the effects of premature aging. Plus, you can “people-watch” without anyone knowing.

6.  A bottle of wine. While most people bring wine home from their travels, why not pack one to enjoy in your hotel room. Travel is stressful and a glass of wine will calm your nerves and to help you sleep, preventing further jet-lag. So laugh at those ridiculous minibar prices and pack your own.

7.  Panama hats were literally designed for travel and packing into a suitcase. Simply push the top of the hat into a dome, fold it in half, and roll. It’s that easy.

Not only do they block the sun, they’re ideal for travel days when you don’t have time to do your hair.

Fun Fact: Despite the name, Panama hats were originally made in Ecuador and then shipped through Panama to various destinations. People thought they were made in Panama because of the “Panama” stamps on the shipping crates.

8.  Tank tops are perfect for layering, adding a pop of color to an outfit and can be worn day or night. Spaghetti strap tanks tend to reveal more skin, while tee-tanks show a flirty side. Either one is chic, sexy and fun.

9.  Whether you’re headed to the beach or city, give your skin a healthy glow with sunless tanning lotion to avoid looking tired and pasty.

A little goes a long way so pick a color that’s only slightly warmer than your natural skin tone. For a more natural look, blend the tanning lotion with regular lotion.

10.  A sexy swimsuit is essential for any vacation, even if you’re not going to the beach. Hotel pools, spas, and saunas are a great way to show off your sexiness and relax on your trip.

Be prepared with a swimsuit that fits your body and is age appropriate.

11.  An over the shoulder and oversized bag for all your sexy goodies. An over the shoulder strap will keep your items close to you at all times and allow you the flexibility to use both hands to snap photos or walk comfortably. An oversized bag gives you room for all your goodies like a scarf, sunglasses, and Panama hat.

That wraps up my 11 sexy suitcase essentials. Remember, you don’t have to compromise comfort and practicality for sexiness.

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