Bled Slovenia Enchanting Mystical Place

Bled Slovenia Turquoise Lake was outstanding.

The place looked as though it was taken from a child’s fantasy:

Bled Slovenia Turquoise Lake was outstanding.

Bled Slovenia Turquoise Lake was outstanding.

The small turquoise lake with a tiny island and a church on top with a mysterious “wishing bell”, the castle perched on top of a steep mountain, alps and green forest surrounding the villages – 100% fairytale like!

The people we met there were among the most outgoing ones we’ve met during the trip so far, and unlike many other places in Europe, the locals seemed grateful for the tourists coming there, and made an extra effort to show us and tell us everything about their village.

We’ve arrived in Slovenia. We’re going to be staying in a little town called Bled. It’s so quiet here. We’re woken up nice and early here in Bled We’re going to go around the lake and up to this vantage point overlooking the whole lake and the Alps around here.

Every picture you see of Bled has apparently been taken from this hill. So it seemed like an amazing place to get a good shot. The only problem is it’s up a massive steep hill that takes about an hour to get there. So we’re going to go and workout. It’s steep huh? I think we’re about halfway up the hill now. It’s been really steep so far, but we’re going to push through and then we’re going to get a nice view at the end. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be worth it. They put these ropes here to hold on so you don’t fall down.

There really is a cliff here. We were kind of joking when we said it was going to be a workout, but it’s just ridiculous how steep these stairs are. We made it. We’re on top of the mountain. And we said let’s go and workout. We didn’t expect it to be this crazy. It’s a very steep hill. But the view here was absolutely worth it. So we’re overlooking now, overlooking Bled, the Alps, the church, the castle, every iconic spot here in Bled, we can see from this viewpoint. So it really is Worth it. It really it the best place to see Bled. The sweating, the hard work, was definitely worth it.

Now we’re going to go back down, and Sofia’s been hinting that she wants to go for a swim in the lake. It looks so inviting doesn’t it? Yeah, she brought a bikini along as well so, we’re going to walk down and see how warm it is. It’s going to be fine.

As you can see, I’ve decided to do it. It’s freezing in the water, but it’s really warm outside, so I need to cool down.   Oh, it’s deep here. It’s quite nice when you get used to it. We’re about to take one of these pletna boats, it’s a row boat, across to those islands. It’s the only natural island in Slovenia, and it’s got this incredible iconic church on top with a lot of history.

So it’s going to be really cool to check out I think. We arrived at the island and this island has a really long history dating back to about a thousand years. But today, there’s a church called the Assumption of Mary up here, and it’s a very popular place for people to get married.

The tradition is the groom carries the bride up each of these 99 steps. I’m glad I’m not the groom. Before this church was built, Pagans used to come and worship the goddess of love and fertility called Živa.

Bled Slovenia

Bled Slovenia

Bled Slovenia can be summed up in one word – INCREDIBLE!

Everything to do with this place was amazing – the nature, the food, the people  – add onto that the lack of tourists and you really have found a place which is off-the-beaten track yet still right in the middle of Europe.

I really can’t wait to go back there and spend more time explore the rest of the country.

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Things to do in Bled Slovenia

Things to do in Bled Slovenia

Things to do in Bled Slovenia

Bled is a gorgeous little town in Slovenia, located by a turquoise lake and surrounded by deep green forest – it’s the perfect romantic weekend break to take, to both enjoy nature, relaxation and good food. Here are some fun things to do on a weekend trip to Bled.

Visit Bled Island

One of Bled’s most beautiful attributes is the tiny island situated right in the middle of the milky turquoise lake – you can reach it either by renting a rowing boat and row there yourself, or jump on one of the small traditional pletna boats over to the tiny little island on the lake.

On the island is the Church of Assumption, dating back to 1698 – inside the church is a bell called “the wishing bell”, because apparently if you ring the bell three times it will give you good luck!

The church itself is beautiful, with well preserved frescoes of Virgin Mary and a great legend behind it.

Go For A Hike

Bled is surrounded by lush nature and there are many beautiful walks in and around the village. If you just want an easy stroll, you can walk along the lake in a circle back to the town.

If you want to get up high for a beautiful view, you can go up to Bled Castle which is perched on a mountain, or go on the opposite side and hike up the mountain. It’s about a 2 hour climb, but the views overlooking the lake, the castle and the town are incredible.

Triglav National Park is also nearby, which offers some amazing opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, and there is a gorge nearby which is well worth visiting, but it’s not quite walking distance.

Instead we suggest renting a bike and visit the gorge as well as the surrounding villages, each with their own charm.

Try The Cream Cake

Bled is famous for the creamy, heavy cake called Kremna Rezina – the vanilla custard cream filled cake is Slovenia’s claim to fame, and was invented in 1953 at Park Hotel, a restaurant in Bled.

While there are many places serving this cake, there is something special about having the cake where it was invented and tasting the cake from its original secret recipe.

However, people argue that while it’s the original place, the place with the best cake is actually Slascicarna Smon – why not try them both?

It’s not very easy making international calls from Bled as it’s such a small town and there aren’t many internet cafés around – it’s better to simply stay at a hotel, or hostel that offers wi-fi, because that would make free online calling much easier.

Most other daily necessities such as convenience stores, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants are readily available in the town, although keep in mind that many of them are closed on sundays and might close early in the afternoon.

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We hope you found this guide to Bled helpful and that you have a wonderful time visiting Bled and Slovenia!

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