Leaving it late: Benefits of Booking Last-Minute Holidays

With so much to think about when booking a holiday – flights, accommodation, car hire, passports, currency and so on – it often seems like a sensible idea (booking last-minute holidays), to get everything sorted out well in advance of the date when you’re planning to travel. While there is no doubt that being prepared has its advantages over taking a late deal, in terms of reduced stress, getting exactly what you want and eliminating the potential for things to be forgotten, prudence can also have its downsides too. Of course, there are certain things that should never be left to the last minute, such as renewing your passport and securing visas for countries outside the European Union, but administration aside there are some big advantages to leaving it late:

booking last-minute holidays

booking last-minute holidays


Benefits of Booking Last-Minute Holidays


Money saving

One of the main benefits of booking a last-minute holidays is that you can take advantage of reduced prices. Hotels and travel agents would rather see rooms full than empty, even if that means losing some of their profit margin, so you’ll find the cost of a trip tumbles the closer to crunch time it gets.

Many travel agents have parts of their website dedicated to highlighting the last-minute prices that are on offer, so make sure you check these out to get the best offer possible.


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If you book a last-minute holidays four months in advance it can be pretty agonizing facing hundreds of hours at work before you can pack up and leave the office behind. By the time your trip finally comes around, some of the excitement may have petered out as a result.

However, when you make a last-minute decision based on what is available, it’s a real thrill looking down the list of exciting countries on a late deals page and picking one on a whim. When you jet-off to somewhere you haven’t had time to read all about, it makes those first few days in your destination all the more exhilarating. You’re also less likely to have had time to draw up a set itinerary and can be a lot more spontaneous during your vacation and on the road.


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Another pro of choosing your destination at the last second is the opportunity to tailor your choice to conditions at the time. When you book in advance, you can only cross your fingers and hope, for instance, that the weather is going to be good when it comes around to your time to travel. However, if you’re booking a few weeks in advance, you can simply go online and view a 14-day forecast for your shortlist of locations.

The same goes for other factors that might impact on the success of your holiday, such as strike action by workers, government issues, natural disasters and holiday firms going bust.


When you’ve got months to play with, it can be tempting to spend hours and hours researching your trip. This can lead you to obsessing about the smallest elements of your holiday that aren’t actually that important.

In booking last-minute holidays deal, the focus is firmly on the destination – something that’s really a lot more meaningful than whether your hotel had a few bad TripAdvisor reviews from 2011.

So, if you haven’t yet had a holiday this year, what are you waiting for? Book your last-minute holidays break today!