5 Beautiful Sailing Destinations Around The World

Nothing looks more peaceful and freeing than a sailboat slowly fading into the horizon as the sun sets over calm blue waters.

Whenever I visit my parents in Sweden I love to go down to the harbor in the afternoon and sit down on the rocks watching sailboats leave, wondering what big adventure they might be embarking on next.

If you’re planning a sailing adventure (Plan your next adventure in yacht chartering) but aren’t sure where to go, here are five of the world’s most beautiful sailing destinations…

5 Beautiful Sailing Destinations Around The World

Whitsundays, Australia

Located in the heart of Australia’s most beautiful natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef, are the 74 tropical islands that go under the name “Whitsundays” – surrounded by crystal clear blue sea and coral gardens, sailing Whitsundays is perfect for anyone who wants to explore a world beneath the surface.

The colorful corals are home to thousands of species, from the iconic clown fish to reef sharks, turtles and sea snakes.

Between your snorkelling and diving excursions you can relax on the white serene beaches on the many different islands (especially the Whitehaven Beach with its silica sand), bushwalk or kayak in turtle breeding grounds.

French Riviera, France

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, the French Riviera is the place to see and be seen by celebrities and gold diggers alike.

You can expect super yachts longer than you ever thought was possible, but the French Riviera is not all about glitz and glamour – it’s also a very romantic part of Europe with beautiful historic buildings and street side cafes where everyone sips on their Rosé wine or champagne for lunch, and rugged, picturesque coastlines.

Stockholm’s Archipelago, Sweden

Completely unlike the tropical islands of Caribbean and Australia, Stockholm’s Archipelago offers a very unique sailing experience, with 24 000 islands, many which are uninhabited, and some with only a handful of houses, you can explore the spirit and vibe of a more rural Sweden.

With traditional Swedish red and yellow wooden houses with white corners and flagpoles next to every house, the views over the tiny car-free islands can’t get more picturesque!

Do some island hopping and stop over at different islands to shop in the boutiques or jump from the piers enjoying the unique sweet and salty water.

British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands is a great sailing destination for families, with snorkelling is so easy even kids can enjoy it.

The British Virgin Islands is known as the “sailor’s capital of the world”, offering many bays and secluded coves. One of the reasons why it’s such a great place to sail is thanks to steady tradewinds, well-protected waters and the fact that the islands are so close together.

Tortola is the largest island and a great place to start, but don’t leave the island before you’ve had some time to explore it!

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

A little known but fun fact is that Kiwis have more boats per capita than anywhere else in the world, and so it comes as no surprise that they also have some of the most beautiful sailing routes.

The historic maritime park bay of islands is one of the most popular, consisting of 144 islands and amazing wildlife with everything from dolphins to penguins and exotic birds.

Exploring the wildlife and beautiful nature with its secluded bays, untouched coastline and natural harbors really brings you back to nature and the simpler things in life – far from the glamorous harbors of Côte d’Azur in France.

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