Barcelona Spain Why You Must Visit VIDEO

Barcelona is for most people THE PLACE to visit – shopping, sun, partying – Barcelona really has everything. We both have been there before, and it was great to come back and see everything from a different perspective a few years later. Barcelona vs. Madrid – Which Do You Prefer?

Barcelona Spain

We’re in Barcelona now, and we’re going to check into and explore Barcelona.  Ok we’re up nice and early in Barcelona, and we’re standing outside the Sagrada Familia. It looks really cool. Apparently this cathedral has no straight lines, just corners and Nothing is quite straight.

It’s designed by Gaudí, and apparently he hated straight lines, so even the towers are sort of leaning. You can see that in his other buildings as well. He’s got two or three other places around town which were built before the cathedral, and they’re all curvy and wobbly. Yeah, soft I think.

We’re standing outside the cathedral, and we were thinking of going inside, but the line is just too long. There’s a line right around the whole road, the whole block here. They say if you come to Barcelona, if there’s one thing that you should see, it is this, but we’ve only got one day here so we can’t spend that whole day waiting in line.

Plus he actually designed the cathedral to attract the people to come in so the most beautiful part of the cathedral apparently is the outside. It is pretty cool. I love these sculptures and these designs out front. But like we said, we haven’t got time to wait in line all day long, and if it’s this long line now It’s just going to get worse.

So we’re going to head off now to La Rambla is next. Now we’re on La Rambla, the main walking avenue in Barcelona. There’s a lot of things going on, I don’t think Ok, it’s pretty chaotic down here. This is the main walking avenue in Barcelona, and they’ve got buskers, musicians, and guys trying to sell you squeaky stuff.

Let’s walk down and see what other adventurous crazy things are going on the street. We’re outside La Boqueria Market. They’ve got some great Spanish food here so we’re going to go inside and try to find some lunch. Ok, and it’s potato with? Garlic oil, cheese and ketchup. So we’re going to try these patatas bravas, a typical Spanish entrée.

You can eat it as part of a tapas, you have this, you have a little bit of other stuff as well, you make into a meal. It’s potatoes with garlic oil and cheese and then ketchup. I don’t know how you’re going to eat these things. It’s really good, real cheesy. It’s a slice of potato, cheese sauce, cheese on top, tomato sauce. Oily too. Perfect. Really good.

Barcelona Spain Why You Must Visit VIDEO

Barcelona Spain Why You Must Visit VIDEO

Why You Must Visit Barcelona Spain More Than Once

After Lisbon, we headed to Barcelona, one of the proudest cities in Europe – I say proud because its people ADORE it.

Many of them are very strict on separating themselves from the rest of Spain. My uncle, who is born in Barcelona and has lived in Catalonia for all of his life – is one of them.

He, along with many many other Catalan people, want Catalonia to become independent from Spain.

I can understand why Barcelona’s people love their city:

Set between two mountains where you can overlook the city, right by the ocean with its own beaches, it’s a pretty unique place to live.

I have been there quite a few times before, so I was looking forward to going there again.

When we went there during our Europe Train Challenge, there was so much that I wanted to show you readers in our video.

But we only had 1 day, and while we were filming, the realization came stronger and stronger: it’s hard to show Barcelona, because you really have to simply experience it!

Barcelona Spain Gothic Quarter

Barcelona Spain Gothic Quarter

Being in the Gothic quarter, walking along the Passeig de Grácia – there is something so beautiful here that really doesn’t show in photos or video.

In the videos, the walls look dark and ugly, full of Graffiti – but when you’re there you see the small balconies with flowerpots, laundry and how narrow the streets really are.

So I just had to face it – Barcelona is a place you simply have to visit to understand, and I find that to really experience it, you will just have to let Barcelona embrace you.

The best way to really get to know Barcelona would be to rent one of the many City Base Apartments and stay there for a bit longer, maybe we’ll do that next time. 😉

While people line up for hours to go inside Sagrada Familia, the true Barcelona experience is around the corner in a small bar.

You Must Visit Barcelona More Than Once

You Must Visit Barcelona More Than Once

In the past, both me and Nathan have some crazy memories from this place, quite different from each other’s.

A few years back Nathan arrived with a broken ATM card, no money and slept in a park which he later found out had many “horror stories” of what went on there during the night.

I didn’t get much sleep either, because last time I was there I partied all night for two weeks straight.

Coming back I had a whole different experience of the city, one more sober and perhaps not so “amazed” by everything.

Barcelona Magic Fountain

Barcelona Magic Fountain

This time I appreciated different things than last time.

Last time I was there, the “friend of a friend” we stayed with really wanted to show us the magic fountain, but we never got around to see it, and were too busy shopping.

This time we went out of our way to see it, and it was just amazing.

The whole area around the Magic fountain was beautiful, and you could spend a long time enjoying the views from there.

This time I felt like my eyes and ears were wide open, taking it all in, learning and seeing Barcelona from a fresh perspective.

What I learned from our time there is that it’s always worth returning to the places you visit to see how your impressions have changed since last time. Read our Barcelona, Spain City Guide