Bamboo Forest Japan A Place Worth Visiting!

Planning to visit Kyoto? If so, the Bamboo Forest Japan is a must stop. It may be that you have not planned your trip yet, but you can definitely bring your travel experience to a new dimension (climbing Mount Fuji) if you plan for it wisely. So, when you see that the clouds in Kyoto have finally parted, it means that it is the right time to explore the destination many tourists love to choose: The Bamboo Forest of Japan.

Bamboo Forest Japan

Bamboo Forest Japan

You can see the bamboo forest situated in Arashiyama’s small town. This indicates that it is just twenty-five minutes away from the downtown Kyoto. So, if you plan to visit Tokyo, all you need to do is to catch a high-speed train, and take a short ride to Kyoto. In two hours or so, you will see yourself in the enchanting Bamboo forest Japan. Once you are there, your journey begins!

Here is the essential information you should have while traveling around the Bamboo forest Japan.
Bamboo Forest Japan

The Weather

Though the scenery of bamboos planted all around the forest is amazing, there still is something you should consider seriously, i.e. the weather. Just because the weather of Kyoto is quite unpredictable, you should be well aware that it can rain anytime. However, the good thing is that you do not have to see a crowd of tourists while you enjoy traveling.

Doing The Packing Appropriately

Now that you have learned about the weather, you are required to pack smartly. Guides mostly suggest tourists to get hold of waterproof boots, scarf, rain jacket, as well as one of the compact umbrellas so that you can carry it in your bag. Communing with Nature In a Kimono

The Bamboo Forest Japan Experience

If you are visiting Bamboo Forest Japan for the first time, then you will surely be amazed to see how tall those bamboos are! In simple words, the site seems peaceful and majestic. Walking through the paths is another way to enjoy the tremendous sight of bamboos planted all around you. And yes, these paths have been paved.

Finding A Restaurant While Traveling Around

When it comes to searching for a good place to eat and relax, there are two options:

  1. Find a place which is crowded with locals
  2. Avoid places that have a hostess or promoter trying to get tourists into a trap

One of the best places to visit is Seisyuuan. Along with offering the beautiful view of a river, you can explore where the oldest bridge of the town is.
Boiled Tofu, Bamboo Forest Japan

Try The Boiled Tofu!

While you roam around Arashiyama, do not forget to eat boiled tofu. As one of the specialties of this place, you can try it with a combination of meal. Usually, something worth noticing is the boiling water pot filled with delicious tofu brought on your dining table. Though this is considered the simplest meal you can have after enjoying the sights of Bamboo Forest Japan, many tourists find it equally delicious.

The Foot Bath At The Arashiyama Station

The best way to end your day is to look for a warm foot bath. So, when you have walked a lot on the paths of Bamboo Forest Japan this foot bath will help you say good-bye to the foot pain, fatigue, and stress.