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25 Most Inspiring Personal Travel Blogs

We thought it would be a great time for us to take some time and reflect back on this year – not just at how much AsWeTtravel.com has grown as a site but also at how many amazing other personal travel blogs there are out there – sharing, provoking and living this travel lifestyle to [...]

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Roller Bag vs Backpack – Which Is Better? Review Before Switching

Roller Bag vs Backpack: Before switching from backpacks to roller bags just over a year ago, we never expected the impact this seemingly small change would have on our travels. Practically every year since 2008 we’ve bought new backpacks, constantly downsizing, going from 95L to 45L and finally carry-on sized roller bags, and each change has [...]

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5 Cities To Visit In Belgium

Belgium is the perfect country to explore on a one or two week holiday – its rather small size means you will spend less time traveling and have more time left over to actually explore the places you’re visiting. You can easily get around the country in a small car like the MINI Cooper Hatchback [...]

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5 Best Food Fight Festivals in Spain

Many people have heard of the world famous La Tomatina festivals in Spain where you throw tomatoes on each other, but few know that it’s far from the only food battle festival in the country. Spain is simply the king of food wars, with celebrations throughout the year using everything from grapes to flour and [...]

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How To Be A Local In … Lyon, France

Lyon is one of the most beautiful and atmospheric cities in France where past and present, old traditions and new trends live side by side and add a quirky touch to the city. We spent two weeks staying in an apartment in Vieux Lyon (old town), and had a chance to see the city from [...]

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The Alsace Wine Route – Photo Essay

With vineyards on rolling hills that stretch into the horizon, small medieval villages scattered in the region and castles and forts perched on top of small mountains, the French Alsace is among the world’s most picturesque wine regions. When I first arrived in Alsace I couldn’t believe my eyes – the scenery and towns were [...]

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5 Quirky Places in the UK

Some of my favorite places and attractions I remember from my travels are not the most famous ones that are high on every “must-visit” list online, but the small and quirky places that most guides don’t even bother to mention. While many travelers only pay attention to the most famous attractions, there are many quirky [...]

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5 Scenic Drives in the UK

It’s no secret that the UK has some of the most beautiful landscape, and together with its long history and charming culture it’s an amazing  country to explore. The best way to make the most of your time is to explore the country by car, as you simply can’t reach and experience many of the [...]

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Colmar – The Best of France & Germany?

This year we have been traveling around Europe very slowly and even more randomly – we stay in a country for a month or more, and make up our next step on a whim, often just days before our rent runs out and we need to pack up and leave. The first week in a [...]

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Capturing The Essence of Lyon, France

So far, Lyon is my favorite city in France. It has all the benefits of a cosmopolitan city but it feels more like a small town and has a  great laid-back atmosphere. Although there aren’t many attractions per se, it’s a wonderful city to just wander around in soaking up the atmosphere and all the [...]

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