One of America’s Top Vacation Destinations Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida

Idyllic Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida is one of America’s top vacation destinations. It’s popular for a number of reasons. Among them is one of the top-rated public beaches in the country, Siesta Key. With its eight miles of glorious sand along the Gulf of Mexico, it includes three beaches: Siesta Beach, Turtle Beach and Crescent Beach.

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Siesta Key Sarasota

156 steps to Siesta Key Sarasota white sand beach

Siesta Key Sarasota With its Eight Miles of Glorious Sand

The sand on Siesta Key Sarasota is renowned the world over. Being 99% pure quartz crystal, it is fine, soft and cool to the touch. It is easy to run, bike, and walk on as well as make sand castles and creations of your dreams. The water is warm and the waves are inviting. Whether you want to exercise, play, swim or relax, you can do it all on this glorious beach.

We wanted to capitalize on our children’s summer break between sports and camps, and booked the trip for five nights.

A different type of vacation for us

Usually when we go on vacation, we are gone from morning until late in the afternoon or evening because we are driving from place to place and not staying in one location the entire time or because we are sightseeing and gone for most of the day. This vacation was different in that all we were planning on doing was going to different beaches, coming and going as we pleased. We expected to have several hours of downtime a day in our hotel, in order to get out of the sun. We wanted more space than a typical hotel room afforded.

It was also important for us to find a nice place to stay right on the beach. We didn’t want to have to cross busy streets, carrying our towels, sand toys and snacks. We also didn’t want to have to drive and deal with finding a parking spot in the public lots and then still have to make a trek to the actual beach. We also wanted a full kitchen so that we could eat whenever we wanted, without the hassle of getting ready and having to drive somewhere.

Siesta Key Villa

Siesta Key Villa C14

We found a perfect spot Siesta Key Villa

We made a great choice when we choose a villa at Casa Blanca – Villa C14. Unique and inviting, it is just steps away from the gorgeous white sand at Crescent Beach. The perfect home away from home, this standalone structure at 6154 Midnight Pass Road in Siesta Key Sarasota, Florida is just what we needed to enjoy a relaxing vacation. (Contact Teri Evans, owner of Villa C14 at or cell 262-385-2359.)

Villa C14 had everything we wanted for a memorable stay. Colorfully decorated with an amazing beach theme throughout the entire space, the villa comfortably accommodates five adults. With a sizable living room, fun dining area, large kitchen, two bedrooms and two baths, it is the perfect place for friends and families to get away from it all.

Siesta Key Sarasota Villa

Siesta Key Sarasota Villa

In one bedroom, there is a twin over a queen-sized bunk bed. The second bedroom boasts an eye-catching collection of some of the ocean’s largest shells. There are ample closets and drawer space in each room. We only had to bring our beach towels; everything thing else was there.

What a relief to not have to go out to eat for every meal! Not only did we have the convenience, especially after hours at the beach, but we were able to eat much healthier and much more affordably. Everything about this fully-stocked kitchen was inviting: from the adorable gecko tiles on the walls to the modern range with flat cook-top. There was a good-sized refrigerator and freezer and a small dishwasher. They had everything in stock we needed, including a pots/pans, toaster, plates, and more. We didn’t do laundry but across from the clubhouse were several coin-operated washers and dryers.

With no shared walls or roads to cross, this accommodation offered us the privacy, peace, and quiet we were hoping for. We enjoyed the clubhouse playing billiards, ping pong and swimming in the clean, heated pool. The possibilities for relaxation here are endless.

Being right on the beach, we were able to go to the beach the very first day we arrived, even after getting the rental car, buying groceries and checking in. That was so nice for all of us, especially after a long day of traveling.

We love Crescent Beach! Siesta Key Sarasota

As beautiful and welcoming as the villa is, the private beach at Crescent Beach on Siesta Key Sarasota is the main attraction. It’s one of America’s very best, and it’s literally about 150 steps from the doorway of this conveniently located villa. The beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the white sand on the shore are picture perfect. While there were lots of small shells, it was easy to walk on the cool sand. When we went in early June, it was fairly empty. In between the rain, we were at Crescent Beach for hours, enjoying the sand and majestic ocean.

Siesta Key White Sand

Siesta Key White Sand

We enjoyed making sand castles and playing in the waves in the warm water. We saw a lot of walkers and runners as well as some people relaxing and reading in lounge chairs. The chairs were free to use for Casa Blanca patrons and were plentiful that time of year. We were close enough to return to our villa for snacks and meals without having to tote everything to the beach. It was also nice when someone in our family wanted to go back for a break from the sun. Crescent Beach is also located just a short drive to town which was convenient for restaurants and souvenir shopping.

Siesta Key White Sand Beach

Siesta Key White Sand Beach

We spent most of our time at Crescent Beach and enjoyed the convenient location to also check out Venice Beach and Casperson Beach to look for shark teeth.

Shark Teeth Crescent Beach

Shark Teeth Crescent Beach

Mini-tip: If you have boys who wear swimsuit trunks, cut out the netting and buy some generic petroleum jelly in advance. The sand gets caught in their netting and the elastic around their waist and chaffs them. It even happened to me in my shorts swimsuit bottom. Hopefully it won’t happen if you cut out the netting but if it still does, it is worth to have some Vaseline to heal it for a few hours before they go out again. That salt water stings!

So difficult to leave Siesta Key Sarasota

It is always so nice to go on a vacation and actually feel relaxed and like you “got away” from the usual hurried pace of life. We have been on many vacations and came back more exhausted than when we left. It was truly wonderful to enjoy nature, to slow down, and to enjoy a lot of family time hanging out at the beaches and relaxing in our villa. We cannot wait to return to glorious Siesta Key again soon.

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