Adventures in Grand Teton National Park Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National park receives around 2.7 million visitors each summer; and for those who aren’t traveling there this year, the parks are likely on a life bucket list. Grab your camera and don’t miss out on any of these experiences of the Grand Tetons.

Enjoy the Grand Teton National Park Mountains

Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park

It’s all about the mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

Twelve snow-capped peaks surround the park’s namesake and act as a stunning backdrop for the entire region. Hardcore climbers scramble up icy moraine for an epic summit view, and hikers enjoy well-maintained trails that wind through fields of sagebrush and dense evergreen forests.

Four visitor centers and six campgrounds operate during the summer; these are excellent starting points for exploring the area.

Take a Scenic Drive

The park is immense, and the best way to see it all is to take a scenic drive.

TravelStorysGPS is a free resource that allows people to listen to GPS-enabled audio tours of the local history, ecology, and geology as they drive through the park.

Teton Park Road follows the base of the range, while the Jenny Lake Scenic Drive has spectacular views of the peaks from across the lake.  Signal Mountain Summit Road provides valley views and stunning panoramas of the mountains.
Grand Teton National Park Bison

Grand Teton National Park Bison

Occasional bison crossings hold up traffic — Grand Teton National Park is not as busy as Yellowstone, so visitors have a better chance of glimpsing wildlife.

Thousands of migrating elk pass through the region, and the National Elk Refuge is the place to watch the wapitis’ journey. Look for the Rifle Optics of hunters in the area.

Enjoy the Water

Floating the Snake River is another popular way to see the sights, and more adventurous paddlers can tackle class III whitewater.  You can also enjoy the water on a stand up paddle board.
Stand up Paddle Boards Grand Teton National Park

Stand up Paddle Boards

Horseback riding, mountain biking and even aerial tours provide unique perspectives on the park’s natural wonders.

Roam the streets like a Cowboy

Perched at the edge of the wilderness, Jackson Hole may seem like a relic of a bygone era: Cowboys at heart will love its daily, old-fashioned, town square shootout.
Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole

But behind this gruff wild western facade is a truly modern town.  Jackson Hole offers world-class dining and entertainment.  The Grand Teton Music Festival features a series of concerts performed by internationally renowned musicians.
Each winter, skiers flock to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for its challenging runs and reliable powder.”
Shops in town sell everything from souvenirs to snowboards, and outfitters organize trekking tours and provide all the necessary equipment for outdoor adventuring.
Grand Teton National Park and neighboring Jackson Hole

Grand Teton National Park and neighboring Jackson Hole

There’s no better way to get outdoors than to visit Grand Teton National Park.  Four million visitors a year can’t be wrong: Grand Teton National Park and neighboring Jackson Hole are world-class destinations all year long.

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