A Guide to Boston’s Out of the Box Festival

When it comes to US destinations that are rich in culture, I think it’s pretty hard to beat Boston – the city has so many cultural things to offer, from historic buildings and the fascinating Freedom Trail to iconic breweries and great galleries.  This year, the city will be further adding to its already impressive list of attractions with the inaugural Out of the Box Festival – and you can find out all about it with my guide …

What Is Out Of The Box?

Out of the Box is a free music festival scheduled to be staged in Boston for the very first time this year.

The festival promises to provide a good mix of free and cheap outdoor performances, and unlike a lot of other festivals which only focus on a specific music genre, this festival aims to celebrate the arts much more broadly, and to get both locals and visitors alike involved in it.

So, you can expect a pretty eclectic mix of performances!

While the official programme is (at the timing of writing, at least!) yet to be announced, the organisers have promised ballet, modern poetry, Shakespeare, folk dance, circus, culinary arts and much more.

Why Should You Go?

You might be wondering why you should choose to attend the Out of the Box festival as opposed to some of the city’s other free events (of which there are many!).

Obviously it’s largely a matter of personal taste, but I find there’s something uniquely appealing about Out of the Box – partly because it’s totally new.

Indeed, as this will be the first incarnation of the event, attending it will give you the chance to experience a momentous occasion – and to mingle with locals.

Another good reason to stop by is that it’s free. Now, this might sound a little silly at first, but what I mean by this is that if you’re planning to visit Boston in the summer months anyway, it makes for a fantastic extra.

And, because it’s free, if you don’t like it, you haven’t lost anything by going.

A fabulous thing to do if you want to explore the main sights is follow the famous Freedom Trail (a 2.5-mile walk), while you can visit Hostelbookers for more ideas of things to do, as well as places to stay.

When & Where Is It happening?

Running from July 13th to 20th, the Out of the Box festival is scheduled to be centred around Boston Common.

While this’ll act as the event’s hub, there will be a host of outdoor venues taking part, including Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park and Copley Square.

These venues all promise to showcase a mixture of upcoming and independent voices, as well as performances from established institutions.

I hope this mini guide inspired you to go and check out this new Boston event to see what all the fuss is about!

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