6 Cities You Have to Visit This Year – Bonus Locations

Despite the fact that all those recommendations which started last year but the year flew by and is now over, we still can talk a bit about some places around the globe that actually are worth visiting this coming year. And today, let’s take some of your time and discuss at least six cities really worth visiting this year! Why?

Many, if not all, of these cities and locations would be ideal, romantic and unique places with things to do for your anniversary (see below for some unique Beatles Inspired places for your anniversary as well). So, let’s get to the list right away, and let’s not forget those fantastic cities that will become real hotspots!

Cities You Have to Visit

San Sebastian (Spain)

Let’s begin with one of the most important cities in Europe, for the year 2016. San Sebastian, which you can find in Spain, this year, is named to be the cultural capital of the whole continent. So logically here you will get a chance to visit numerous cultural events all year long.

Cities You Have to Visit San Sebastian Spain

Cities You Have to Visit San Sebastian Spain

The city took this honor really responsibly – even built a brand new Tabakaleros modern cultural center, which is located in the former tobacco factory. So you can understand that the whole town is really prepared to pamper everyone with real Spanish culture. It is also worth remembering that in San Sebastian, the worldly famous film festival takes places, and in 2016 it will celebrate this 63 anniversary. So, if you love cinema and culture, San Sebastian should definitely be your top priority in 2016!

Stratford upon Avon (United Kingdom)

This year, the whole United Kingdom is going to honor one of the most famous writers of all time – William Shakespeare, since in 2016, it will be exactly 400 years after his death. To mark this occasions, all around the country will prepare many cultural events, so it is worth considering visiting the United Kingdom as well, especially if you are a huge fan of Shakespeare!

In Shakespeare’s birthplace of Stratford, you will get a chance to attend probably the biggest number of cultural events, while in the last home of this amazing author – in New Place, you can attend tours which will focus on writer’s life and death. In Guildhall, where it is believed he attended school, the exhibition will be opened too. And of course – in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre you can enjoy many plays written by the maestro himself.

Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba

In fact, the whole April will be dedicated to Shakespeare alone, so start planning your trip around that time for sure!

Havana (Cuba)

The year 2016 is one of the best times because, with the beginning of this year, the new era in Cuba started as well. This communist country actually decided to open up their borders and invite tourists to come. So right now where won’t be any better time to visit the beautiful capital city of Havana than ever!

It is said that the best time to visit Cuba is around March and April, when you won’t meet tons of tourist around, the weather is not too hot or cold, and there is less chance for tropical storms to come. Therefore, it is still some time left to plan your perfect trip to this fabulous country, seem-to-be stuck in time.

Kutaisi (Georgia)

If you have never been to one of the most amazing countries in the Europe, then you should definitely start with Georgia’s city of Kutaisi, which is also the new administration centre of the country as well.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Kutaisi is the second largest town in Georgia, and it can offer you a wide range of attractions all tourists will love. Here you can find both excellent examples of traditional Georgian architecture and some of the modern one too. Not to forget beautiful monasteries and temples, and the fact, that Georgia is very famous for its delicious wine. So here you can also stop by at many wine yards and taste the best and the freshest wine straight from the hands that made it!

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Of course, we can’t forget to mention Rio – the city in which all worlds’ best sportsmen will come to compete in Olympic Games! It will start on August 5th and end up on August 21, so mark your calendars and definitely come by here to meet new people from all around the world, and see some real human’s body achievements as well!

Let’s also not forget about the traditional Rio carnival you can also attend! But you should really hurry up because it is set to begin on February 5th! It is widely known how crazy, colorful and fun it is, so it is the experience of the lifetime to observe this incredible party live!

Nuuk (Greenland)

Greenland capital of Nuuk is one of the smallest capitals in the world. And in March (6-11 days) here begins an international Arctic Winter Games, presented as the largest event of its kind. So here you will see that the paddle is not only part of the vehicle, but it is also a sport!

If the games do not attract you, Greenland can offer you some alternatives. Here you can also attend the music, food and dance festival, which will be fun to watch too! It is recommended to go to Greenland from March to September, because of the better weather and the chance to see the Northern lights too!

BONUS LOCATIONS TO VISIT: Beatles Inspired Places Around The World

For all you hard-core Beatles fans out there it’s probably not news, but this year the world celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Beatles, and in Liverpool the whole year will be packed with events to pay tribute to this band. Obviously, The Beatles have played a huge role as inspiration for many musical artists, but they have also had an influence on many other things, from baby names to travel destinations. We thought we would share some really cool places around the world that have taken their Beatles-influences to the next level…

Beatles Inspired Hotels

Hard Days Night

Located at the heart of Liverpool’s “Beatles Quarter” – the Hard Days Night hotel claims they were the world’s first (but no longer the only) Beatles inspired hotel, with furnishings, paintings and artwork all inspired by the Beatles. The location and the atmosphere of the hotel couldn’t be a better way to relive the 60’s – or for us younger people, to experience it for the first time.

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

A brand new addition to all Beatles themed places, this floating old narrowboat has been renovated into a fully functioning 3-bedroom hotel in the looks of a Beatles-inspired yellow submarine! Located in Liverpool’s Albert Dock, this psychedelic Beatles hotel is full of memorabilia (plus a motorbike from the 1970’s movie Quadrophenia), and serves as a good introduction to the Beatles hometown.

Beatles Inspired Clubs

The Beatles Revolution Lounge at Mirage in Las Vegas is a trippy place inspired by the Beatles and designed by Cirque du Soleil, very psychedelic but cool.

Beatles Inspired Clubs

Beatles Inspired Clubs

The Beatles Quarter in Liverpool has a number of bars that play Beatles songs a few nights a week, but no bar is as closely related to the band as The Cavern Bar, which in the 60’s became the most publicized music venue in the world, and where Beatles popularity exploded. The area is pretty rowdy at night, so once you’re done partying and singing along to the Beatles cover bands it’s better to stay the night at Jury’s hotel in Liverpool slightly away from the noise.

Another bar, inspired by Beatles and even by the Cavern Bar, is Beatles Club “Cavern Club” in Tbilsi in Georgia.

Beatles Inspired Restaurants

Beatles Inspired Restaurants

Beatles Inspired Restaurants

When it comes to Beatlemania, perhaps no genre has as many Beatles influences as restaurants around the world, there is even a Beatles restaurant by the beach in Kovalam in India..!

RockFish Boardwalk Bar and Seagrill on Virginia Beach plays exclusively Beatles songs 24/7, the walls are full of Beatles photos, instruments and records.

Unlike many other Beatles themed restaurants, like the Rigby pub and Grill in Madison, is not completely inspired by Beatles songs, but you can still get an “all you need is love” catch of the day or “it’s all too much” seafood platter, and wash it down with a “Yellow submarine”.

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