5 Things I Wish We Did More In The West

While traveling through South-East Asia & Oceania I saw people doing many amazing and beautiful things which I kinda wish we would do more of here in Western society.

What I learn when traveling I try to really implement into my own life, but once I get back home after a while I always find myself getting caught up and falling back into my old Western-conditioned habits.

Here are a few things I really appreciate about the East that I wish we would do more of here:

1. Celebrations & Appreciation Every Day

In some places it really seemed like they were celebrating something nearly every day, there was such an explosion of colors, dances and traditions – it was so beautiful to see!

Why can’t we celebrate more often? Maybe not every day, but I definitely think we can find some more opportunities to switch off the 9/5 work work work – and enjoy the moments of life a bit more.

2. Thanking & Blessing God/Life For Food, Wealth & Health

At first we didn’t understand why the shop keepers in Bali would always hit the money we gave them on their clothes, themselves, and the cashier.

When we ask they told us that they were thanking and blessing themselves, us, the clothes and the shop for the money they were given.

I’m not saying that we should start hitting our dollar bills on the shop attendants, but being more grateful and not taking all we have for granted is something I think we often forget.

3. Share & Be Friendly To Anyone

In some cultures, you share all your food with everyone in the village.

I think we should share more, and not be so afraid of always getting ripped off, or missing out. I’m not just talking in material ways, but sharing more of ourselves. We are so afraid of not being enough or being judged that we choose not to give anything at all.

In Sweden where I’m from, people are really kind and loving, but it takes a lot for them to dare showing it, or you need to wait until they are drunk.

In many Eastern countries I have found complete strangers suddenly become your friend, and seem to want to know everything about you – for no other reason than they are honestly interested, and care.

4. Prevent Illness Instead Of Waiting Until We Are Sick

In Asian countries they often have family doctors which they see regularly, even if they don’t feel sick. It’s the doctors job to keep them healthy.

In Western society we focus more on fixing something that is broken rather than preventing it from ever breaking in the first place.

The other week I tried to get an appointment with a doctor, but they wouldn’t let me do a normal check up unless I had a problem or was feeling sick. Is that crazy or what?!

5. Meditation/Relaxing Time

Somehow the 24 hours we all get per day just seem to be getting shorter and shorter, it’s simply not enough!

The world seems to be spinning faster and faster, and we never take the time to slow down and simply just breathe.

The world carries on spinning just like it always has, but the people are speeding it up in their head, creating more and more stress.

Taking some time to just breathe is something we rarely do here – so why not take a few moments to relax, and smell the roses…

What customs and ways of life have you found while traveling which you would like to introduce more into the West?