5 Most Scenic Drives in Australia

If you are visiting Australia, there are some drives that you absolutely must try. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking. If you rent a car or go with a friend, travel in a vehicle that is comfortable and robust. A durable SUV is recommended. If you are ready to view Australia at its finest, consider these Australian scenic drives. Here are my top five favorites.

1. Blackall Range Tourist Drive

If you want an exquisite view of Sunshine Coast, explore Glasshouse Mountains Road and Blackall Range Tourist Drive. There are some of the views that give the full range of the mountains to the coast. This can be viewed for Maleny. The drive takes you through the towns of Montville and Mapleton. The end of the drive ends in Nambour, which is a popular town in Australia.

2. Eyre Peninsula Drive

Eyre Peninsula Drive is an impressive 745 kilometres that spans the entire peninsula. Most people are impressed by this scenery.

3. Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road allows drivers to travel along one of the most spectacular portions coastline. The scenic road begins in Melbourne. Along the route, you will travel through some incredible seaside towns. Along the way, you will view The London Arch, The Grotto, 12 Apostles and The Blowholes. The limestone formations of the 12 Apostles are also memorable. Great Ocean Road is also an old war memorial. The road is 1000 kilometers in length. Many people travel to the area to walk along the waterfront and to take long walks. Mount Gambier can also be reached from this scenic drive. Some of the best wineries are also along this route.

4. Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula is only an hour away from Melbourne, Australia. The scenic drive is an ideal place to drive. Along the drive, there will be vineyards, olives groves and sandstone cliffs. Many people enjoy this drive and consider it to be one of the best. Try the Mornington Peninsula and take time to try some of the best Australian wines along the way.

5. The Great Tropical Drive

If you want to be engulfed by lush and tropical greenery, try Great Tropical Drive. This stretch of road from Cairns to Townsville is lined with rainforest and beaches with palm trees. Drivers will pass through Port Douglas and Daintree. The famous Great Barrier Reef and Mission Beach is also along this route. These top five scenic drives in Australia can be calming and awe-inspiring. If you are impressed by the landscape of Australia, these five scenic drives will provide a cross-section of the splendor that Australia has to offer. Consider taking several scenic drives when visiting Australia.

Written by Alex Kurt
Alex is a motor enthusiast. He has recently purchased his dream car, a BMW M5 and is ready to bid farewell to his old Honda. He also loves vintage car and organizes vintage car shows in his local area

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