5 Best Islands for a Summer Holiday Retreat

To help you choose an island for your forthcoming summer holiday, here are five of the very best islands from around the world…A trip abroad to enjoy some sun, sea, sand and relaxation is a popular choice for many, but deciding on where to go can be a more difficult decision. If you are heading off to a luxurious holiday island this summer, don’t forget to purchase travel insurance to ensure you and your finances are protected throughout. 

It’s normally around this time of the year that Brits begin to consider a location for the year’s summer holiday. Islands make great summer holiday retreats as you can benefit from the sunshine and beaches in addition to also being able to sample the local cuisine and experience the culture of those who live on the island.

5 Best Islands for a Summer Holiday Retreat


Tenerife is a hugely popular destination for Brits and many others from around Europe, showcased by the fact that 5 million tourists visit year on year.

It is hardly surprising though as this Spanish island offers temperatures of between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius all year round, so pretty much guarantees sunshine and warmth for a holiday during the summer months.

The island has two airports to handle the large numbers and aside from the main tourist areas such as Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, the island is also home to two national parks, four nature reserves and many other cultural delights, making it a fantastic location for a holiday no matter how you like to spend your time.


If you are willing to travel a little further afield and spend a bit more cash, the Maldives is the summer holiday retreat for you.

Just 200 of the 1000 plus islands are inhabited but that doesn’t stop the visitors pouring in every year to benefit from the gorgeous weather and great range of activities on offer.

The Maldives are perfect from diving and snorkelling as the clear water coupled with amazing coral islands to dive around give you plenty to explore, whilst the beautiful white, sandy beaches are the ideal place to rest up for the day and top up your tan if water sport isn’t your thing.


Even further afield lies Fiji, an island to the northeast of New Zealand. A large proportion of the Fijian population inhabit just two of the 332 islands in the area, Vanua Levu and Vita Levu, which are unsurprisingly the most popular locations to visit for tourists.

For an island where you feel away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the world, Fiji is certainly the place for you, which is epitomised by the fact that there is always the potential to visit an area on one of the islands where very few people have ever been before!


Croatia has everything it takes to be the perfect destination for an island getaway; the country boasts the most stunning coastlines with crystal clear waters, sunny warm weather, beautiful lush islands and a great culture.

Hvar is the most popular island in the Adriatic among young travelers, who are drawn to its vibrant night scene.

However, without an extensive tourist infrastructure the island has kept to its roots and offers an authentic Croatian island experience.

Croatia is also one of the cheapest summer destinations in Europe, which makes it the perfect summer holiday for young backpackers.


The beautiful Greek island of Rhodes guarantees sunshine on your summer holiday as it is recognised as having the best sunshine record of all the islands in the Mediterranean.

With clear blue seas to match the sky, sandy bays to grab a sun lounger and relax for the day alongside great bars, restaurants and shopping arcades, Rhodes is a popular destination for all manner of tourists, from those looking for lively nightlife thanks to the resorts of Faliraki and Lindos through to those who prefer a more steady pace to their holiday which can be achieved in the resort of Pefkos.

Should you be looking for the best island to spend your summer holiday this year, hopefully one of the five detailed above has caught your eye and you can experience the benefits of being in such a fabulous location firsthand in the coming months.

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