3 Not-So-Touristy Surf Spots Around The World

Taking a vacation to a beautiful and semi-remote surf spot seems dreamy and often out of reach for most of us inland boarders. While it may seem more possible to take frequent trips to the local coast to catch weekend waves during the season, there are actually a few lesser-known “swell” spots that are more accessible now than ever before. Trade in a couple of regular weekend road trips for a week or two at one of these outstanding and affordable vacation wonderlands. Check out these three not-so-touristy wave rider dream destinations for a peek at new culture, new terrain and most importantly, new adventures for you and your board…

Hongo Reef, Nicaragua

Hongo Reef, also called Puma Reef, is a short ride from the town of Gigante. Because of current economic conditions, U.S. visitors can find flights to this area of Central America for very low rates.

This reef is for experienced surfers and SUP boarders only, so amateurs beware. You can live or vacation here for about 10 U.S. dollars per day, if you plan and budget carefully, and spend most of the day riding beautiful swells and eating homemade Nicaraguan cuisine.

Water in this area is swimmer-friendly year-round, so venture here when your local water is too cold. Spanish skills are a major plus!

Bundoran, Ireland

This is Ireland’s surf Mecca. Your most serious expense here will be a plane ticket (unless you live in Europe); however, it is a small price to pay for cheap lodging, cheaper surf and SUP equipment and a chance to ride some of the greatest year-round waves in the world.

The best boarders visit Bundoran because, while it may not be a palm-tree-typical tourist paradise, the wave conditions are supreme. And if you already speak English, you will be able to communicate with the locals.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

This North Coast surf spot is best from September through March. The water is warm and you can find plane tickets to the Dominican Republic during these months for as low as $100. A-frame reef waves range from 100-300 meters, so more experienced boarders can feel free to bring their novice riders along to learn on the smaller waves.

Vacationing in the Dominican Republic can range from super-budget hostel living to full-service resort accommodations, depending on your budget and style.

Also enjoyable and nearby are Sosúa and El Batey, short rides from Puerto Plata, for more intermediate-level waves.

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to travel with your board is to purchase an inflatable SUP board. These boards are made for traveling, are lightweight, and can roll up into a compact bag, not to mention extremely durable. Treat yourself and take a trip to some of the world’s most breathtaking spots with your best board at your side.

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