3 Animal-Free Circus Shows Around The World

Back in the days of our grandparents, kids dreamed of running away with the circus, travel the world and explore far away places.

It was exotic, exciting, and the lifestyle was one that most people could only dream of: the life of a vagabond.

Today, the circus world has changed a lot, and as our society is getting ever harder to please, they have to come up with some very good stunts to get our attention.

The best circuses in the world are quite different from what you once associated with a circus, and many are (finally!) steering away from using animals.

As a child, I only ever went to a circus once, because I couldn’t stand the torture that animals had to go through for the sake of our entertainment.

But today you can enjoy all the magic, excitement and smell of popcorn in a colorful tent guilt-free at these animal-free circuses …

Cirque du Soleil

Perhaps the best example of the modern circus, many argue that nobody can put together a better and more professional show than Cirque du Soleil.

Based in Canada, the circus employs over 4000 people who tour the world in different groups, performing the most amazing stunts, tricks and magic with great live music.

The Cirque du Soleil Orlando has become very popular, so it’s definitely a show to check out when you’re in “the land of entertainment” – this show definitely stands out from the rest of the Florida attraction tickets.

Circus Oz

“Think Cirque du Soleil on drugs”, someone said in a review – the Cricus Oz preforms the same stunts as many other circuses, minus the animals, but it’s the way it’s all put together with a great selection of live music and the awesome narrator who keeps the crowd going.

It’s all very modern, and all very loud.

What people love the most about this show is the laid back, quirky, naughty, satirical and funny attitude.

New Shanghai Circus

With a group of 40 acrobats from China, the New Shanghai Circus tests your perception of what is possible to do with your body – it’s a unique production, which although quite long, nails the audience to their seats.

In the line-up they have quite a few award winning numbers such as Diabolo, Aerial Fish Ballet, Pole Climbers, Lions, Dragons, Chair Stack, Adagio, Bicycle, Human Top and Plates Spinning.

The one thing they could do without however is the lengthy video in the beginning.

Other Animal-free circuses that have had great reviews: Chinese state circus, Moscow State Circus, Circus Smirkus, Cirque Éloize, Circus Finelli – if you want more, check out this list of PETA approved shows.

Which is your favorite animal-free circus?

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