10 Reasons Why You Should Travel More and More Often

Sitting home bored out your mind? Why not cut back on eating out, shopping for stuff you don’t need and save your money to travel to places you’ve never seen before?

Travel is more than just a way to break the monotony. It offers rich experiences that help to satisfy that inner need to get away from it all.

Do you have a travel bucket list? Make it your priority and start a travel fund! Traveling allows you to learn about different cultures, visit places of historical significance, see the world and meet wonderful interesting people. Don’t just talk about it, do it! Here are 10 reasons why you should:

New Adventures

Life is an adventure in itself, why not add more to it? Travel to unknown places. Go on safari, visit a remote mountain village in the Swiss Alps, enjoy a visit to the Grand Canyon or go to local museum or historical landmark in your very own city or state.


There’s no learning experience quite as effective as traveling. Broaden your horizons and learn, learn, learn! The internet and television will never be able to take the place of travel. You can only learn so much from a textbook.

Exciting challenges

You’re never too old to get out of your comfort zone. Travel makes you try new things, new foods and meet new cultures. While others are staying at home, you are up in the air or on the road again, challenging yourself with new experiences each and every day.

Time to unwind

All year long you work hard, anxiously looking forward to your vacation from work. Travel gives you the space and time to relax and unwind. Go on a cruise, get some offline time, go to a sunny beach, go camping, enjoy life while you can.

Learn life Lessons

Travel provides lessons of all kinds, from patience to learning new cultures and history. Visit third world countries to learn about the lifestyle of those who are less fortunate. Helping those in need may be one of life’s most satisfying moments. Give of yourself, your time, your energy, and feel the love.

Now’s the time to travel cheap

Travel is not a big luxury like it used to be years ago. Go backpacking, work whilst you travel or just go for a real low-budget trip. Research travel options online and find cheap airline tickets, hostels and rental cars. Many companies have season offers and discounts. Auction and coupon sites like ChameleonJohn.com also offer you the opportunity to bid on airline tickets and travel packages.

Go local

Travel doesn’t always mean you need to hop on a plane. Go local, take a bus, a train or a short road trip. Support the small business and visit remote, out of the way places. Stay at a bed and breakfast, eat at a cozy cafe or the only diner in town.

Make new friends

It is said that a journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. You never know who you’re going to meet while traveling. In most countries locals are very friendly and helpful with travelers. Be friendly, open up and connect with the locals, make new friends. Friendships you make when you travel, usually end up being lifelong friends.

Feeling of freedom

Getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life helps you experience a freedom you’ve never felt before while traveling. Be adventurous, do things you’d never do, try things you’d never try. Enjoy life at its best as you travel to unknown places.

Enrich your life with hands-on experiences

New experiences can enrich your life, helping you to become a more interesting person. Get involved in the lives of those from different countries and different cultures. Many third world countries have associations or groups where you can volunteer, an experience like this will probably be one of the most gratifying things you’ll ever do!

What are you waiting for? Where’s your next destination?

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