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Where is your next destination?

A wonderful “Goodbye Dance” from a visit to Uganda… a farewell like this one makes it hard to leave & tempts you to go back! When was the last time you traveled and didn’t want to go home?

Stockholm Sweden Video – Europe Trip

Välkommen till Stockholm, Sverige, mitt hemland. Låt oss gå checka in. We’re in Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden. We’re going to start the morning by exploring Gamla Stan, the old part of town. Gamla Stan is where Stockholm was founded in 1252, and in the 18th and 19th century it was considered a bit of a slum where no one really wanted to be. But today, it’s one of the most popular and beautiful tourist attractions in Stockholm. It’s really cute here as well. Let’s go and have a look around.

During the Europe Train Challenge, we’ve gone to so many old towns, but Gamla Stan here in Stockholm is still my favorite. It’s so cute, it’s so cozy, and it’s so quiet. I love it. It’s also kind of weird because it’s about 10 o’clock in the morning, and there are not many people about at all. It’s a Monday morning, there’s no tourists, the shops aren’t open, it’s kind of strange. It’s kinda strange. Jag är svensk. Jag en viking. Jag är svensk. Pretty cool, huh? Apparently this is the narrowest street in Stockholm. Pretty long too. We’re having a quick break before checking out the changing of the guard at 12 o’clock, so we bought a few traditional Swedish snacks. Yeah. We bought some kanelbullar. Swedish cinnamon buns, and—you can have that one—and also knäckebröd, Swedish sort of crispbread with honey in it.

Chill Out & Relax In Budva Montenegro

We’ve arrived in Budva, a cute little beach town here in Montenegro. We’re going to be staying here in the Old Town, so we’re going to check into the hostel and then we’ll go and explore the city tomorrow. Good morning from Budva. We’re up nice and early before it gets too warm. We’re going to start the day by exploring the Old Town behind us. We’re going to walk through the many alleyways, see a few of the churches there, grab a coffee and check out the boutique shops. There’s a lot of history in this Old Town which seems really interesting. Now after that maybe we’ll go and explore one of the 17 beaches they have here in Budva.

This town is actually 2,500 years old, so it’s really old and really beautiful. I think one of the churches is just around the corner, so let’s go and have a look. It’s so peaceful here. It’s a really cool feeling here, sitting on one of these city walls. I mean this was built 2,500 years ago, and thinking about all the people who have been coming here, sitting down just like me, overlooking the ocean, it’s a pretty cool feeling. Walking around the Old Town here and just realizing it’s been here for over 2,000 years here like you said, the stonework, the alleyways, there’s so much history here, and it’s just so well preserved. Not only the architecture here that is well preserved, but also the traditions as well. I mean we’re sitting here in a stage where people have been performing for a long, long time, and every year they have this theater festival where people come to watch these dramas on the same place where they’ve always been held, and that’s why Budva is called the Theater City. We’ve spent the morning walking around the Old Town. It’s been really cool to see, beautiful.

We’ve been asking the locals if they have any local dishes, snacks or something like that, and it doesn’t seem they have that many. But we did find something. What’s it called? This is a pooja. It’s like a cornbread muffin. And it’s not really typical for Montenegro alone, but more for the whole Balkans it seems very popular. It’s nice. So we’re going to grab a coffee, finish this, and then head to the beach. One of the things that Budva is most famous for are its 17 different beaches. This is one of them. It’s right outside the Old Town. Let’s go and test the water. That was refreshing. Great way to finish the day here in Budva, and tomorrow we’re off to Serbia.

Best Travel Products

Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scale Product Review VIDEO

This review is about Electronic Portable Travel Digital Luggage Scales. We travel with only bring carry-on luggage and many airlines these days a very strict with the weight restrictions for luggage and carryon’s. We make sure that we stay under the weight to avoid any additional airline fees or charges…or having to check our carryon’s. This is a perfect product for us and it’s easy to use.

Travel Pillow Reviews of the Best Pillows for Comfort

Travel Pillow Review Travel product review is a travel pillow. I’ve never really used travel pillows before, I didn’t quite see the point. I always thought they were awkward, they were clumsy. They didn’t do their job. But, I’ve been using and trying out a few travel pillows pretty much every day…and I love it. Most travel pillows are inflated the whole way so it actually pushes your head forward, Makes it really uncomfortable. But when designed correctly, when you put it on your head is in exactly the right position.

It stays here and if you want to go to sleep, you could just roll over to one side, or the other side and these cushions come around and just support your neck 100%. The few times I haven’t used the pillow, I’ve woken up falling down like this with a really bad pain in my neck, and I think it just puts your head where it’s meant to be and gives you a great night’s sleep on trains, buses and airplanes. It works really well. So check it out. It’s a really great product.

6 Cities You Have to Visit This Year – Bonus Locations

Despite the fact that all those recommendations which started last year but the year flew by and is now over, we still can talk a bit about some places around the globe that actually are worth visiting this coming year. And today, let’s take some of your time and discuss at least six cities really worth visiting this year! Why?

Many, if not all, of these cities and locations would be ideal, romantic and unique places with things to do for your anniversary. So, let’s get to the list right away, and let’s not forget those fantastic cities that will become real hotspots!

As We Travel, Traveling Tips, Destinations, Travel Videos

As We Travel, Traveling Tips, Destinations, Travel Videos